• 019: Be a Fearless Lawyer & Law Student + Public Service Loan Forgiveness!

    On this week’s episode, I talk about the recent happenings with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Check out the previous discussion I had with ABA President Linda Klein: https://youtu.be/0jBCubAvVas PSLF form and more info available here: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service#track-eligibility Check out Student Debt Crisis for more info: http://studentdebtcrisis.org/tools/ Also, check out http://www.biglawinvestor.com/pslf-borrowers-denied-student-loan-forgiveness/ Plus, Nicole Abboud […]

  • Every Attorney Should Participate in a Hackathon – Here's Why

    I spent eleven hours on Saturday as a volunteer attorney at the inaugural Music City Legal Hackathon. The central goal of the hackathon, sponsored by the Music City Legal Hackers and Vanderbilt University Law School, was to provide access to justice by solving technology problems submitted by local nonprofit legal organizations from across Tennessee. Prior […]

  • Networking When You Just Don't Feel Like It

    We’ve all been there. Burnt out. Tired. Defeated. Feeling like there isn’t ever going to be a way to achieve the networking goals and desires we’ve set out for ourselves. Maybe you’re looking for a new job? Maybe you’re a law student trying to break into a specific legal market? Perhaps you are required to […]

  • 018: Law School Superstars + Interview with a Partner and a Programmer

    On this week’s episode, we talk with current law student Irene Mo about her many activities during law school and how she’s become a law school superstar (a title I happily bestow upon her myself)! Plus, the Legal Geekery Podcast returns! Former co-hosts Josh Auriemma and Laura Bergus drop in to talk about law school […]

  • An Introduction to Legal Blogging [Part 2] – Overcoming Fear & Creating Content

    Don’t miss Part 1 of this two-part series helping attorneys and law students get started in the world of legal blogging. Overcoming the Fear of Writing Just as with anything in life, writing takes practice and dedication. Unless you’ve been in the swing of writing and publishing content in the past, the idea of writing […]

  • An Introduction to Legal Blogging [Part 1] – Choosing a Platform

    Every lawyer and law student should be blogging! Okay, maybe not everyone. However, if you are remotely interested in starting your own blog, allow me to help encourage you towards taking those first steps. In this first of a two-part series, we’ll examine the initial step you can take to starting a blog: choosing a platform. […]

  • 2017 Update: Life After Free Access to Premium Legal Research Tools

    A couple of years ago, I wrote a short guide to help other recent law school grads learn about free resources available to supplement costly legal research platforms we so easily took for granted during law school. Now, it’s time to expand upon the resources I previously touched on and share with you some additional tools I’ve found! […]

  • It's (Not) Britney, Bitch! – Issues in Music Licensing for Biopics

    If you somehow have missed the beautiful disaster that is Britney Ever After on Lifetime, fear not. James Corden, host of The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS, provides a perfect review of the ‘unauthorized’ cinematic masterpiece. Like many music superstar biopics before it, Britney Ever After fails miserably when it comes to […]

  • 017: How To Be A Successful Law Student & Get A Legal Job After Law School

    On this week’s episode, we talk with current law student Miguel Willis about his extracurricular activities during law school and how he’s managed to establish a strong personal brand in legal technology. Plus, http://internetcases.com founder Evan Brown stops by to talk about law school and answer the question: “How I Graduated From Law School With […]

  • 016: Handling Stress & Success, Landing an In-House Job Right Out of Law School

    On this episode of Law School Strategy, Franklin talks with current 1L Robert McClendon about his Law.com article on handling your successful grades when friends maybe haven’t been as successful. Then, Franklin shares his story of ‘How I Graduated From Law School With A Job.’ Check out Robert’s article, “I Got A’s! My Buddy Didn’t. […]