Legal Tech News Sources For Law Students

Finding the time in school to complete the assigned reading and projects is hard enough. That’s why efficiency is critical when it comes to staying informed about the latest developments in your legal field. I’ve put together a list of technology-related legal news sources for the general public as well as attorneys and law students. I’ve attempted to organize the list based upon the weekly commitment it takes to stay updated:

I recommend making a folder on your bookmarks bar for quick access to your favorite news sources.

1: Weekly

This WEEK in LAW ( – A weekly online television show (both audio and video downloads are available) that ranges from 60- to 90-minute segments on the latest developments in technology and Internet law. If you listen to this each week, you will definitely receive a well-rounded overview of the law in a discussion-type format. This WEEK in LAW is hosted by Denise Howell and Evan Brown with two guest panelists each week.

Internet Cases ( – Although updated more than once a week, Evan Brown takes recent court decisions and provides a quick and insightful synopsis and commentary for each.

Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog ( – Who best to receive news of the latest holdings than from a law professor! Eric Goldman is a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law and writes frequently on recent court decisions. There are occasional guest posts and the comments section is guaranteed to provide a continued discussion.


2: Throughout The Week

Law & Disorder (Ars Technica) ( – Ars Technica’s legal section is always up-to-date, educated and in-depth in coverage. If there is a huge trial going on, you can always expect Ars Technica to have legal reporters in the courtroom.

Policy & Law (The Verge) ( – Similar to Ars Technica, The Verge’s Policy & Law section features the latest in breaking headlines and court decisions. I have found the forums and comments section on The Verge to provide an educated interactive experience. Register an account today!

THR, Esq. (The Hollywood Reporter) ( – For the entertainment law side of the news, no one can match The Hollywood Reporter’s blog THR, Esq. Eriq Gardner provides a constant stream of top-notch news, holdings, and other commentary straight from the West Coast. This blog could really be checked daily, so you can make it your daily source or check it throughout the week.


3: Daily

Hilicon Valley (The Hill) ( – “Hilicon Valley” is a go-to resource for policy and other legal related news straight from Washington. They have a great daily posting called “News Bites” which provides a one-shot posting recapping the latest developments.

The New York Times – Technology Section ( – There will be almost daily legal related news articles posted to the “Technology” section of the New York Times. In addition, I love the iPad app! It is great for reading on the fly. Tip: Check to see if any family members currently have a subscription to the paper edition because you could use their credentials to access the digital edition. This works whether they subscribe to the daily or weekend editions.


4: Other Resources

Read, Write, Web ( – A great news site to check out on your Thanksgiving break or when you need a break from studying. The postings are not always law related, but there are still great news articles to look through.

Bag & Baggage ( – Denise Howell occasionally updates her blog, which is one of the longest-running legal blogs, and provides a look into the life of an appellate lawyer in California.

FindLaw ( – Although marketed as a “consumer” resource, I’ve found the “Legal Professionals” section offers a wide variety of topics. A Thomson Reuters publication, FindLaw provides a well-rounded view of the law. Make sure you check out their Legal Blog Network.


What other resources do you use to get the latest news from across the web related to technology, Internet, and entertainment law? Let me know in the comments!

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    Michelle C.

    Unfortunatly , I am not a lawyer, but I have been working to the best of my ability to research and file all that I can on behalf of my brother-inlaw. He was shot 3 times by an officer, and is now in prison. The state and county we live in refuses to remove the bullets and is now required to take medications.

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    Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know if you run across other great resources.

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