Kick-off To 4th Annual Entertainment Law Symposium

Today is the first day of the 4th Annual Entertainment Law Symposium in Nashville, TN!  This three-day event is a part of the Americana Music Festival & Conference 2014, which The New York Times has dubbed “The coolest music scene today.”  The American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Industries co-sponsors the symposium with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville.

I’ve gathered together a few resources below to help you discover all the best opportunities that are available to attendees.  The symposium takes place at the Hutton Hotel & Palmer Plaza and runs through Friday, September 19th, so check back each day for the highlights and coverage from the ABA’s Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Industries!

For a complete schedule of events for the Festival & Conference, click here.  The schedule is very interactive and a great networking tool, powered by  I highly recommend connecting your LinkedIn account once you signup and use this as a networking opportunity!

What Should I Do First?

Hit up the registration desk!  The American Bar Association is providing open registration starting at noon on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday and Friday from 8:30am until the last CLE event at 5:00pm.  The registration desk is located in Palmer Plaza.  Just look for the registration signs and banners.

After you register, the first CLE event starts at 2:00pm, but if you’ve got some time to spare, you should definitely consider dropping by the Americana Music Awards Exhibit Hall in the Vista Ballrooms A & B at the Hutton Hotel.

Wednesday Events

From the Song to the Bank – 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Who better to moderate this panel than “The Music Specialist” himself, Mr. Allen Johnston!  Johnston has over four decades of experience as a consultant to major labels, independent artists, publishers, and more.  The panelists joining Johnston include: Lisa Cunningham, a film & television production professional with fifteen years of experience in Atlanta, GA, and now here in Nashville, TN, and currently Executive Producer at Radiant3; Alex Mallett, the US Sales Coordinator for Midem, with five years of experience connecting people within the music business community; and Kristin Thomson, the Co-Director of the Artist Revenue Streams Project at the Future of Music Coalition.

Where’s My Money? – 3:30pm – 5:00pm

The tag-team attorney duo Nick Beaudoing and Kent Marcus deliver an exceptional panel event designed with the independent musician in mind.  Beaudoing and Marcus want to help artists overcoming any fears or shyness associated with seeking legal assistance, since most artists never consider seeking legal advice or budgeting for legal help in the early days of their careers.

“I will touch upon practical advice with regards to contracts for festivals and venues,” Beaudoing says.  “Since most artists negotiate gigs without contracts, I will also discuss how email correspondence can constitute a legally binding agreement and will offer advice on how to word email communications in order to avoid ambiguities (fee, sound equipment, duration of sets etc.).”

Additionally, Marcus will cover the liabilities festival/live performance agreements, broadcast deals, and the importance of having a tour manager.

Special guest JP Harris, who will be providing his own take on being a working independent musician, will also join Marcus and Beaudoing.

Make sure you follow along with all the action from the symposium with @ABAEntSports and @franklingraves! We look forward to seeing you there!