How to Get the ‘LinkedIn Helped Me Get This Job’ Badge

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Did you land your current gig because of LinkedIn? If you wouldn’t be where you are right now because of LinkedIn, then you can add this exclusive badge to your profile. Here’s how!

Example of the “LinkedIn helped me get this job” badge.

In 2020, LinkedIn started rolling out a new feature on its platform that allows users to indicate when they got a job because of a connection on LinkedIn. Haven’t seen this badge before? Here’s what it looks like when displayed on a profile. Seems rather straightforward, right?
Well, that’s because it actually is! To enable the badge, you must be adding a new position to your profile.

This badge is not an option when editing positions you’ve already put on your profile. Also, the badge is only an option for your current role. It will disappear if you add a new role that you didn’t land because of LinkedIn.

I reached out to LinkedIn Support (@LinkedInHelp on Twitter) to ask them how you can add the “LinkedIn helped me get this job” badge to your profile. They confirmed that when you add a new position you should have the option to check the box and add this badge on your profile. It’s completely optional.

LinkedIn Help on Twitter is available if you have any questions about this badge and how to get it on your profile.

They also said you could reach out if you need any help. There aren’t any official help documents or references to this badge, or the purposes of it. I don’t see how it could benefit you or increase your profile visibility. It’s more so just a cool little badge you can put on there to let others know your Linkedin connections are awesome.