Meta given 30 days to stop using “THREADS” mark in the UK

Meta was just given 30 days to stop using the name “THREADS” for its latest social media app. Let’s untangle this web…

Yesterday, the UK-based Threads Software Limited issued a press release claiming to have “written to Meta’s Instagram giving it 30 days to stop using the name Threads for their service in the UK.”

In 2012, JPY Ltd. registered the mark THREADS in the UK (UK00002613458) to cover software that they describe as “an intelligent message hub”. The registration can be accessed here.

The UK company claims they’ve been promoting with the mark worldwide since 2014, with an American spin off company in 2018 following sales in the U.S. that they claim have grown since.

The value appears to be in the domain name… 🔗

Interestingly, TSL claims that Meta’s lawyers reached out in April 2023 and offered to buy the domain “” but the TSL declined each offer. In July, Meta launched Threads.

Why does it matter?

Here’s the issue: Meta would face significant operational issues if it was forced to change the name of its Threads service to something else in the UK. Such an approach would likely not be possible, without significant manual management for the geo.

But, if Meta doesn’t change the name, then TSL threatened to file for an injunction in UK courts that would prevent Meta from using the name “Threads” in the UK.

Read the full press release.