MrBeast Burger Dispute: Updates and Takeaways (Article for Passionfruit)

That MrBeast Burger lawsuit isn’t done yet! 🍔 Some might say it’s still… rare 🤣

My fresh-off-the-press article for Passionfruit and The Daily Dot dives deep into the heart of the dispute and serves up some sizzling insights!

I’ve also thrown in a side of 3 takeaways for creators, influencers, and brands when it comes to endorsements and partnerships:
1️⃣ Retaining Control
2️⃣ Injunctive Relief
3️⃣ Termination Rights

Plus, Tobin Jaramillo (Creative Artists Agency) and Reece Clark (Polsinelli) drop into the kitchen and share some of their expert insights recommendations for the recipe to a successful partnership.

Hungry for more? 🤔 Feast on the full details in the article below!