X (Twitter) Sued by X Social Media For Trademark Infringement

X is getting sued (yes… again) for #trademark infringement over the use of “X” for a social media platform. You know what they say, right? 🔥 “X ‘gon give it to ya!” 🥊

X Corp., operator of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, was sued today (Oct. 2nd) in federal court in Florida by X Social Media. But, is it of merit?

🫣 So what is X Social Media??

It’s a company that provides “social media and marketing technology to connect consumers with legal services…” It seems to basically connect law firms with potential clients by way of social media listening and monitoring.

They claim to have been using the “X” name since 2016, and obtained a trademark registration in 2018.

The registered mark is “X SOCIALMEDIA” with registration No. 87759272.

You can review the registration here.

The claims are based on both the federal-level Lanham Act and the state-level Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices (FDUPTA) laws.

So… is this lawsuit of any merit? Will it actually survive?

I’d venture to guess YES. Why? Because it seems like a solid argument put forth. But, also, the Gerben Perrott PLLC firm is involved, as well as some stellar attorneys I’m familiar with and know wouldn’t bring frivolous or pointless cases.

I think this one will play out and be very interesting to watch given the parties involved.

What do you think??

The case is X Social Media, LLC v. X Corp., 6:23-cv-01903, (M.D. Fla.), filed on October 3, 2023. Download the complaint below.