YouTube’s New Modular Contracts for YPP

YouTube is launching a new modular approach to how it contracts with creators in its YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Here’s what that means…

Starting on February 1, 2023, creators will start earning a cut of advertising revenue from YouTube from Shorts content. Previously, creators were eligible to earn a cut of the Creator Shorts Fund that YouTube established as a set amount of funding that would be distributed to creators. Now, creators are paid in a similar fashion to how ad rev is split on the Watch Page (the name for the traditional, long-form video player).

In support of the numerous ways in which creators can earn revenue on the platform, YouTube is launching an updated way of contracting with creators that are accepted into YPP. Creators will sign/accept the base YPP agreement. From there, YouTube says “partners will be able to pick and choose from contract modules to unlock earning opportunities.”

Here are those modules:
1️⃣ Watch Page Monetization Module (Ads)
2️⃣ Shorts Monetization Module (Ads)
3️⃣ Commerce Product Addendum 

The Commerce Product Addendum covers channel memberships, shopping, Super Chats & Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. Revenue from YouTube Premium will automatically be shared with creators in YPP.

Acceptance of the new terms by July 10, 2023, is required for creators to remain in YPP. This requirement to accept new terms also applies to multi-channel networks (MCNs), Studio Content Manager (CMS), and YouTube Studio Content Manager partners.

Links to the official YouTube Help pages with additional information: